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Monday, January 4, 2010

Playing Wii with Noah

This evening I was invited to play Wii with Noah. One of Noah's favorite Wii games is Super Mario Brothers. I have played the game many times before. Tonight I was playing my favorite character, Lugi. I thought that the whole idea for all 3 of us to play was so we could do this as a family. It didn't work like that. Noah would gather all the gifts given to the 3 of us. He would say "Well, they just didn't go to you." or "Well, you weren't fast enough.". He would be getting the gifts on purpose. If he didn't get what he wanted then he would whine about it. Or he would get really mad. Blame you for his misfontune. Video games does something to that kid I don't understand. You could be the smallest guy on the game and he still said well I needed it. He would always zip through the level and not give a care in the word about anyone else in the world. At first I was mad that I was left in the dust, but then I started to laugh. It was funny that I was last because that's when I knew I wasn't important to him at all. I was just an excuse to play a video game. I am glad that I have more important things in my life besides a video game.

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